About a week ago, I took my own advice and tried one of the movie offerings on Hoopla Digital, the new streaming service for movies, music, TV shows and audiobooks Sandusky Library

City of Sandusky, Erie MetroParks team up for summer archery class

After making an all-time high early Monday morning, cattle prices reversed sharply lower as cattlemen began bringing cattle to the market to capture record high prices. Meanwhile, traders cashed in on huge profits, after riding the market higher for months.

Charity assists about 6,000 people annually through food pantry and other services
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Incident apparently was an accident
U.S. Justice Department backs away from inquiry
No one injured in accident
Local DJ brings music to Washington Park gazebo
9:30 AM Jul 14, 2014
At the intersection of Columbus Avenue and East Strub Road, these are by far the worst sensors for lights I've ever seen. Many mornings, you can sit at the light heading westbound and the turn arrows trigger. Or you wait forever. I'm not sure if the sensors are in the road or come from the light themselves, but it needs to be recalibrated. Will someone do something about this? And have those cones at Perkins and Remington been removed? John in Sandusky
Native North American fruit packs more antioxidants
Davlin Farms bring back Thanksgiving turkeys
New plants will help beautify park, mitigate water pollution
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Sheriff has investigation; Island police Chief Ric Lampela still a no show
Kidnap victim ready to assume new life, new identity

 By Rita M. Mahler

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Two will face off at 8 a.m. Saturday for 75th annual title