FIT Challenger reaches his goal weight
9:15 AM May 19, 2015
Image problem goes back at least to 1947, when a race in Hollister, California, descended into two days of bloody riots
9:00 AM May 19, 2015
Fremont resident dead from Sunday incident
8:30 AM May 19, 2015
Liquid biopsies are noninvasive
8:10 AM May 19, 2015
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7:24 AM May 19, 2015
Tuesday, May 19
6:01 AM May 19, 2015
U.S. District Judge questions whether case belongs in federal court
6:00 AM May 19, 2015
Chargers and Huron make up majority of first team baseball selections, while softball's top squad sees more of a mix
12:45 AM May 19, 2015
Tuesday, May 19
12:00 AM May 19, 2015
School board members OK favorable 5-year financial forecast Monday night
10:15 PM May 18, 2015

This past week wasn't anything to brag about. I literally just maintained, which is still positive.

I only worked out with my personal trainer, Shawn Zahel, once and either pulled something or got a cramp in my hamstring. I'm hoping it feels better this week. 

10:14 PM May 18, 2015
Community has abandoned, decrepit houses, they say
8:30 PM May 18, 2015
05182015 blotter
7:26 PM May 18, 2015

I went to Cedar Point on May 16.  It was the first time I’ve been there to ride since 1999. 

I can remember it very clearly.  I would have to say one of the most embarrassing and disappointing days in my life. 

6:34 PM May 18, 2015
South Carolina senator all but confirms he's in the race
6:00 PM May 18, 2015