Termination hearings for suspended Huron Schools superintendent Fred Fox were closed to the public Tuesday.
11:01 AM Oct 23, 2012
State education officials anticipate needing three full days to hear testimony in the termination proceedings against suspended Huron Schools superintendent Fred Fox.
1:45 PM Oct 15, 2012
Challenging the validity of a law firm's report, the attorney for suspended Huron Schools superintendent Fred Fox continued to fight for records during a court hearing Thursday.
10:36 AM Sep 21, 2012
Suspended Huron schools superintendent Fred Fox has filed a lawsuit against board of education member Tim Sowecke.
3:33 PM Sep 19, 2012
UPDATED WITH VIDEO Embattled Huron Schools superintendent Fred Fox got his first opportunity to respond publicly to allegations of misconduct leveled at him by a law firm that was hired by the school board.
7:51 PM Sep 8, 2012
Suspended Huron Schools superintendent Fred Fox plans to publicly respond to allegations that the school board says warrant his termination. Fox and his attorneys will have the floor at a special school board meeting Thursday.
4:51 PM Sep 5, 2012
The Huron school board plans to meet Thursday evening to tackle lingering issues regarding the suspension and termination proceedings against superintendent Fred Fox.
9:57 PM Sep 4, 2012
School board members met behind closed doors Saturday morning to discuss legal issues surrounding the Fred Fox investigation and the Kevin Asher lawsuit.
11:10 AM Aug 27, 2012
A divided Huron school board voted Tuesday to hire a deputy superintendent to lead the district while Fred Fox is on paid leave.
1:25 PM Jul 26, 2012


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