5:00 PM Jun 14, 2014
Erie MetroParks completes $10,000 worth of improvements
2:07 PM May 5, 2014

I am writing in support of the Erie MetroParks Issue 4 on Tuesday, which adds $1.25 per month for each $100,000 in taxable value. But that price seems small compared to what our parks have to offer.

12:30 PM May 2, 2014

Twenty plus years ago, our battle to keep our riverfront property began.

Three years ago, Erie Metroparks decided to abandon their failed greenway project.

Through court mediation, they agreed to have the landowners deeds properly transferred back into their names.

5:51 PM May 1, 2014

This is a quality of life issue.

For 28 years this levy has supported the excellent parks that we now enjoy.

6:36 PM Apr 25, 2014

(Erie County) MetroParks has a levy on the (May 6) ballot. Before going on to new areas, they should take the leadership role to resolve past issues.

7:35 PM Apr 21, 2014
Tragic losses in the spring serve as a jarring reminder of the safety precautions anyone who plans recreation activity on Lake Erie needs to keep top of mind.
6:31 PM Apr 5, 2014
Class offered to help prevent another tragedy
12:08 PM Mar 17, 2014
Coined the Outdoor Fitness Adventure center, park officials purchased easy-to-use exercise equipment to place around the track and behind the Frost Center.
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