12:34 PM Aug 18, 2014
The case is under investigation, and no charges have been filed
10:35 AM Aug 13, 2014
Huey accused of stealing items from local graves
8:05 AM Aug 12, 2014
Vermilion Township man accused of placing camera in teen's room
11:14 PM Aug 9, 2014
Extra shifts to seek out drunk drivers
9:19 AM Aug 6, 2014
Some cash retrieved from abandoned car, investigation ongoing
1:08 PM Jul 9, 2014
Road closed for two hours after SUV hit two trees Wednesday afternoon
2:12 PM Jul 4, 2014
Deputies say it appears to be a heroin overdose
2:27 PM Jun 18, 2014
Man's body discovered Sunday; sheriff's deputies call it worst case of neglect.
11:26 AM May 31, 2014
Man who escaped into wooded area is now wanted by agencies in at least four counties
4:20 PM May 30, 2014
Boy kicked, spit, swore and caused general mayhem at Kalahari
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