Deputies had to bust open the vehicle's rear driver's side window to gain access and the duo were subsequently cuffed
5:03 PM Oct 9, 2014
Just nine days after Erie County deputies were issued a new drug to combat heroin overdoses, a Huron man was revived with the substance Sunday night.
4:39 PM May 13, 2014
Several police officers swarmed a Putnam Street home Thursday night after a judge suspected drug activity inside the residence.
10:28 AM Apr 26, 2014
A Mansfield woman was arrested Sunday night for allegedly carrying heroin in her car along with her 1-year-old son. She told officers the heroin must have “magically” appeared.
11:32 AM Mar 26, 2014
Huron man charged with multiple felony counts of forgery, theft and complicity
11:36 AM Mar 22, 2014
Police say the arrest of 22 people on drug charges this week should put a dent in central Ohio’s heroin trade.
12:36 PM Mar 15, 2014
Sandusky police charged a Margaretta Township man with two felonies after he allegedly injected heroin into his girlfriend’s arm Friday night.
12:20 PM Mar 9, 2014
“The drug problem in Sandusky is unreal right now, we don’t discriminate against any drug dealer. Big or small, we’re going to take them all”
2:34 PM Feb 22, 2014
Men caught parked in lot with 7-month-old
1:28 PM Feb 22, 2014
U.S. Attorney Steven Dettelbach said in a release the arrests represent a joint law-enforcement effort to choke off the supply of drugs to the region.
8:58 PM Feb 20, 2014


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