Monroeville Schools officials Ralph Moore, superintendent, Mike Wade, treasurer, and Nancy Brown, school board president, appeared Thursday on a live "Decision 2014" discussion at

2:25 PM Oct 16, 2014
BGSU Firelands professor outlines reasons why this political season matters
12:04 PM Oct 16, 2014
Seeks state BOE seat
10:45 AM Oct 13, 2014
Seeks state BOE seat
10:45 AM Oct 13, 2014

We urge Sandusky city residents to vote “Yes” on Issue 8.

The ¼-percent income tax increase is a partnership with the city's largest taxpayer, Cedar Point, and includes a 1 percent increase in the admissions tax the park pays.

6:17 PM Oct 11, 2014
People can submit ballot for the fall election early throughout next month
2:00 PM Oct 7, 2014
Redfern, Kraus to debate Oct. 14
9:31 AM Oct 4, 2014

Perkins officials to discuss road levy during live program

6:08 PM Oct 2, 2014
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