“People are fed up with Perkins Schools. There’s no trust in the board, or anything about the district. It’s all gone”
10:05 AM May 7, 2014
“The students urge the public to bring any questions they have about the levy. (They) feel the public has unanswered questions about this levy that could possibly change their mind on May 6”
9:25 AM May 5, 2014

A question we have heard from some in our community is “why do you continue to put a levy on the ballot? We have said no”

The simple answer is because we have no alternative.

12:19 PM May 1, 2014
Three political signs, supporting Perkins Schools upcoming levy, were stolen from a trio of residential yards over the past few days.
4:24 PM Apr 30, 2014

Although I opposed the past three Perkins School levy attempts, I am now urging Perkins residents to vote yes and support the May 6 school levy.

10:21 AM Apr 28, 2014
Perkins Schools officials released a final list of programs to be restored if voters approve a May tax levy proposal
12:56 PM Apr 15, 2014
The levy is the district’s fourth-straight attempt to secure new funding from taxpayers in a year’s time.
11:51 AM Apr 10, 2014


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