6:06 PM Jul 15, 2014

Watch FitzGerald interview below

11:30 AM Jul 4, 2014
Says funding cuts make no sense during heroin crisis
8:07 AM Jun 30, 2014

The outcome in November of statewide elections will have far-reaching impact for years into the future.

9:30 AM Jun 25, 2014
Sandusky Schools and Erie MetroParks got what they paid for on May ballots
10:57 AM Jun 23, 2014
Democratic challenger to Ohio Gov. John Kasich wants six debates
5:53 PM May 26, 2014
Democrat looking to defeat current state Rep. Terry Boose in November election
5:57 PM May 9, 2014

Every time I hear an elected official talk about voter fraud, it makes me sick. It is their way of blowing smoke to distract from the poor job they are doing of running our country.

5:53 AM May 8, 2014
Voters OK mental health levy in Sandusky County
4:49 AM May 8, 2014
Incumbent holds off Culbert for Common Pleas Court judge spot
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