Local elections officials certify results, conclude district lost by 16 votes
6:30 PM Nov 19, 2014
Just 16 votes determined Sandusky Schools bond issue's fate, according to soon-to-be certified election results
9:10 PM Nov 17, 2014
Erie County Board of Elections to count provisional ballots starting Monday
9:15 AM Nov 15, 2014
New money generated from levy recently approved beef up city's safety services staffing levels
10:30 AM Nov 13, 2014

Tuesday's election proved one thing: You should never waste the opportunity to vote. 

It happens every election — razor-thin margins of victory in important races and issues — consistently show every vote counts. 

6:00 AM Nov 11, 2014
Kraus took seat that had been held by Democrats for many years
5:41 PM Nov 7, 2014
Provisional ballots could push final vote for Better Dreams levy over the top
3:15 PM Nov 7, 2014

State representative-elect Steve Kraus was the guest Thursday on the Register's public affairs talk program, which is available for demand viewing at sanduskyregister.com/between-the-lines/.

5:03 PM Nov 6, 2014
Lackluster governor race, lack of senate candidates could be main reasons for low voter turnout
10:45 AM Nov 6, 2014
Incumbent appears to have narrowly avoided a mandatory recount
12:30 PM Nov 5, 2014


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