WASHINGTON (AP) -- Locked in a stubbornly tight race, President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney are demonstrating the urgency of the campaign's final stretch, with the incumbent alone set to cover 5,300 miles in the busiest single day of his re-election bid. Both men claimed a growing edge even as voters showed little give.
10:09 AM Oct 24, 2012
The Erie County commissioner race between incumbent commissioner Pat Shenigo, a Democrat, and Republican Jude Hammond is this evening live as it happens.
10:02 AM Oct 24, 2012
Republican Mitt Romney is acting like a challenger who feels he has enough momentum and time to overtake the president by Election Day, two weeks from now. Judging from Monday's final debate,
8:19 AM Oct 23, 2012
The race for the 89th House District is a study in contrasts, pitting a veteran Democratic politician against a Republican mounting his first campaign.
4:08 PM Oct 22, 2012
In the America viewed through the lens of a presidential campaign commercial, coal miners hear that their jobs are "in danger," voters are warned that "China is stealing American ideas," and the middle class, it's been said time and again, is "falling further behind." President Barack Obama has failed to "stop cheaters" while Republican challenger Mitt Romney simply won't "level with us about his tax plan" — or, for that matter, his own taxes. And, let us not forget: Big Bird may well be an endangered species.
6:00 AM Oct 22, 2012
Local American Idol finalist to stump for Obama campaign in downtown.
9:18 PM Oct 19, 2012
Erie County Juvenile Court Judge Robert DeLamatre and his opponent in November's election Beverly Newell-Hancock sat down for an hour-long debate Wednesday night moderated by Managing Editor Matt Westerhold. Watch it here.
9:19 PM Oct 17, 2012
The Supreme Court is siding with Democrats in refusing to block early voting in the battleground state of Ohio.
12:38 PM Oct 16, 2012
How taxpayer money gets spent is always fodder for political candidates, and it’s become central in the race for Erie County commissioner.
8:00 AM Oct 13, 2012


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