A teacher might give Erie County residents a C grade — an OK, albeit disappointing mark — on its voter turnout rate for Tuesday's election.
8:00 AM Nov 8, 2012
Upper-income Americans may face a tax increase. Auto fuel economy standards might be raised. Stocks of construction and engineering companies could benefit.
6:00 AM Nov 8, 2012
In much of Erie County and surrounding areas there were no problems, save for a few hiccups.
12:00 PM Nov 7, 2012
Watch our comprehensive coverage with local candidates and results as they came in.
11:37 PM Nov 6, 2012
(UPDATED) Erie County voters re-elected County Commissioner Pat Shenigo on Tuesday.
5:06 PM Nov 6, 2012
(UPDATED) Long-time Erie County Commission Tom Ferrell has successfully defended his seat, according to unofficial results Tuesday night.
5:05 PM Nov 6, 2012
(UPDATED) Voters approved a 4.9-mill operating levy that will generate $2.4 million in operating funding for Sandusky schools.
5:04 PM Nov 6, 2012
(UPDATED) Jo Dee Fantozz (D) retained her position as Erie County Treasurer.
5:03 PM Nov 6, 2012
(UPDATED) Perkins Township voters approved a fire levy renewal on Tuesday night, but knocked down a township operating levy that would have supported the police and highway department.
5:02 PM Nov 6, 2012
(UPDATED) Incumbent Judge Robert DeLamatre (R) has defended his position against challenger Beverly Newell Hancock (D).
5:01 PM Nov 6, 2012


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