12:39 PM Sep 15, 2011
Monroeville Mayor Sharon Miller has been removed from the November ballot because she didn't put her address on her filing paperwork.
12:43 PM Sep 15, 2011
Politicians and community leaders agree on one thing - poverty is a problem in Sandusky. What they have trouble agreeing on, however, is how big a problem it is, and whether it can be fixed.
10:47 PM Jan 15, 2012
Q: I recently reviewed all of the candidates running for a local office for the November elections and noticed no person is listed for the fiscal officer position in Vermilion Township. What happens if no one decides to run? - Bob from Vermilion
2:19 PM Aug 8, 2011
Less than three days before the deadline, only three people have officially filed to run for one of five city commission seats opening up this fall.
5:10 PM Aug 1, 2011
A reminder for voters in the Margaretta School District: There will be a special election on Tuesday to renew a 7.75 mill levy.
11:05 AM Oct 4, 2011
Diedre Cole has announced that she will run this November for the city commission seat she was appointed to in late 2010 after Brett Fuqua resigned from his term early.
3:21 PM Jul 26, 2011
Voters will get the chance to decide whether Ohio will opt out of the national health care overhaul after the state's top election official said Tuesday that opponents of the federal Affordable Care Act have enough signatures to put a constitutional amendment on the Nov. 8 ballot.
3:39 PM Jul 26, 2011
Ohio accepted enough petitions last week to put Senate Bill 5 on the November ballot. We asked several area residents if they thought voters would repeal the bill or let it stand.
3:41 PM Jul 26, 2011
Ohio voters will get to decide in November whether to repeal the state's new collective bargaining law, which would let public worker unions negotiate wages but not health care, sick time or pension benefits.
3:41 PM Jul 26, 2011
Edison Schools may place a levy on the November ballot to shore up deficit spending and offset inevitable cuts at the state level.
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