Ohioans have their last chance to cast to go to their local elections office to cast an early vote for Tuesday's election.
1:01 PM Nov 4, 2011
The 2011 election is peppered with battles between dozens of local candidates - fiscal officers, city commissioners, mayors and more.
10:00 AM Nov 4, 2011
Sandusky city commission candidates participated in a debate sponsored by the Register on jobs and the economy on Thursday, Dec. 3.
9:29 PM Nov 3, 2011
Two candidates are vying for the same four-year position - as one attempts to keep employment in Perkins Township and as the other desires to wrestle the job from the incumbent.
5:12 PM Nov 3, 2011
The Sandusky Register hosted a debate on Senate Bill 5/Issue 2 at the Sandusky State Theatre on Wednesday, Nov. 2. Watch a recording of the debate here.
9:27 PM Nov 2, 2011
The hottest topic on the ballot this year is State Issue 2, the statewide referendum on whether to curb collective bargaining powers for public employee unions.
2:26 PM Nov 1, 2011
Patricia Ferguson, an Ohio Veteran's Home employee, is running for Sandusky city commission for the first time.
2:03 PM Nov 1, 2011
(WITH MOBILE COMPATIBLE VIDEO) Click here to watch the Sandusky school board debate, hosted by the Register on Thursday, Oct. 28.
11:36 AM Oct 28, 2011
Sandusky city commission candidates met at 7 p.m. Wednesday at Sandusky High School for the first of two debates brought to you by the Register.
9:03 PM Oct 26, 2011
Sandusky Hardware owner Jeff Smith is one of eight candidates for Sandusky city commission.
10:13 AM Oct 7, 2011
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