10:52 AM Feb 12, 2014
Man charged after allegedly breaking into home and assaulting woman
8:38 PM Feb 11, 2014
A Sandusky man was arrested Sunday morning after he allegedly grabbed a woman’s butt, banged his head on a police cruiser and called nurses derogatory names.
11:33 AM Feb 11, 2014
He allegedly “chopped” her throat then snapped her phone in half as he taunted her about calling police, the report said.
8:42 PM Feb 9, 2014
Huron County deputies are investigating alleged sexual abuse against two teenage girls after their parents reported the incident Friday.
3:31 PM Feb 8, 2014
A woman dialed 911 Thursday morning because she was too drunk to get a glass of water and wanted officers to do it for her, police said.
6:06 PM Feb 8, 2014
A Sandusky woman allegedly stabbed her boyfriend’s leg with a steak knife early Friday morning at their Remington Avenue home.
12:34 PM Feb 8, 2014
Police seize guns, drugs, cash after serving search warrants at two homes.
11:25 AM Feb 8, 2014
Taco Bell employee allegedly stole $500 from restaurant safe.
2:19 PM Feb 7, 2014
A Perkins Township woman filed a police report Tuesday after a caller claiming to be with ABC Warehouse threatened to show up at her door just a few minutes before her doorbell rang.
8:10 PM Feb 7, 2014
A jailed Sandusky man was slapped with another charge Wednesday morning when he called a woman who had a protection order against him from the Erie County jail.
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