He allegedly “chopped” her throat then snapped her phone in half as he taunted her about calling police, the report said.
Huron County deputies are investigating alleged sexual abuse against two teenage girls after their parents reported the incident Friday.
A woman dialed 911 Thursday morning because she was too drunk to get a glass of water and wanted officers to do it for her, police said.
A Sandusky woman allegedly stabbed her boyfriend’s leg with a steak knife early Friday morning at their Remington Avenue home.
Police seize guns, drugs, cash after serving search warrants at two homes.
Taco Bell employee allegedly stole $500 from restaurant safe.
A Perkins Township woman filed a police report Tuesday after a caller claiming to be with ABC Warehouse threatened to show up at her door just a few minutes before her doorbell rang.
A jailed Sandusky man was slapped with another charge Wednesday morning when he called a woman who had a protection order against him from the Erie County jail.
Binette shows no mercy; gives him 18 years in prison
“(The victim) is suffering from bleeding of the brain. He was removed from a ventilator today.”
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