2:30 AM Feb 28, 2014
Huron County Sheriff's Office silent on investigation
9:43 AM Feb 27, 2014
“Man I don’t know him like that, he beats on my cousin’s (expletive),” He said the stains on his pants were ketchup, the report said.
4:17 PM Feb 26, 2014
A large fight broke out near Cliff’s Carry Out on Pierce Street Monday afternoon
12:08 PM Feb 26, 2014
Plymouth man also accused of running massage parlor, prostitution house
10:50 AM Feb 26, 2014
McDaniel, 27, fired shots at vehicle, assaulted boy, 3
11:51 AM Feb 25, 2014
The 20-year-old clerk at first thought the man was trying to steal something, but soon realized that wasn’t his goal.
2:15 PM Feb 24, 2014
A convicted gang member is again taking action to reverse his 25-year prison sentence
3:59 PM Feb 22, 2014
A gas station employee told police the woman stopped in that night with a man who claimed to be a bounty hunter, the report said.
2:34 PM Feb 22, 2014
“The drug problem in Sandusky is unreal right now, we don’t discriminate against any drug dealer. Big or small, we’re going to take them all”
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