8:12 AM Apr 8, 2014
Jesse Mincey, 29, accused of entering ex-girlfriend’s home, groping her
9:05 AM Apr 7, 2014
Her rationale for stealing, according to the report: “I thought I could get away with it.”
2:12 PM Apr 5, 2014
Hills, 33, faces numerous drug charges after allegedly spilling crack in cruiser
12:15 PM Apr 4, 2014
Sister allegedly told brother her boyfriend would cut off his fingers, blow up house
10:38 AM Apr 4, 2014
Suspect claims Nigerian man she was dating online is responsible for theft
3:13 PM Apr 2, 2014
“I’m calling my buddy Ted Patrick about you, just wait. Someone is going to (expletive) you up, you better look out”
9:57 AM Apr 1, 2014
Thomas Spurlock headed to prison for 10 years after stealing from church, homes, businesses (with video from 2013 crash)
4:14 PM Mar 28, 2014
“This little girl had serious and permanent injuries, (some of which) she’ll live with for the rest of her life”
11:32 AM Mar 26, 2014
A Mansfield woman was arrested Sunday night for allegedly carrying heroin in her car along with her 1-year-old son. She told officers the heroin must have “magically” appeared.
1:44 PM Mar 23, 2014
A Sandusky man was arrested Thursday night for calling police after his snack upset his stomach, according to a police report.
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