Even handcuffs weren’t enough to dissuade an alleged credit card thief from striking again.
Local construction worker, homeowners caught up in scam.
Four people indicted on charges stemming from Sept. 23 armed robbery.
Police seized more than 120 marijuana plants, processed marijuana and the makings of a grow operation from a Rocky Ridge home Monday.
A Fremont man was charged with assault on a police officer Saturday night because he allegedly resisted arrest when police tried to break up a fight.
An Ohio daycare worker was arrested on charges of raping a baby after authorities investigating her registered sex offender boyfriend said they found video of an assault on her computer.
Sandusky police are investigating a possible sexual assault on Franklin Street.
Sandusky man, 20, apprehended Monday morning
A wanted man led Sandusky police on a foot chase Monday morning, just moments after a nearby resident reported a home break-in.
A Sandusky man was taken to the hospital Friday afternoon after he was struck in the head with a brick, according to a Sandusky police report.
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