2:35 PM Apr 16, 2014
According to Ohio law, anyone who engages in sexual intercourse with someone under the age of 13 can be charged with rape
10:40 AM Apr 16, 2014
He told investigators he and the boy were arguing over the use of a microwave, and when he thought the boy was “giving him attitude,” he “lightly pushed him,”
1:54 PM Apr 15, 2014
Six girls were arrested Sunday night for running amok in the halls of Firelands Regional Medical Center.
12:39 PM Apr 12, 2014
A Sandusky woman was arrested for egging her neighbor’s car Thursday evening.
3:38 PM Apr 12, 2014
Sandusky police are investigating two alleged sex offenses in the city
8:44 AM Apr 12, 2014
Two Sandusky women involved in a January 2013 shooting at a West Perkins Avenue car wash were sentenced this week for their roles in the incident.
1:05 PM Apr 9, 2014
A Cedar Point chaussee resident was arrested Monday for drunkenly ramming her Lexus into a toll booth gate, according to a Sandusky police report.
10:16 AM Apr 8, 2014
Victim arrested just before sentencing hearing after allegedly making threats against shooter
8:12 AM Apr 8, 2014
Jesse Mincey, 29, accused of entering ex-girlfriend’s home, groping her
9:05 AM Apr 7, 2014
Her rationale for stealing, according to the report: “I thought I could get away with it.”
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