6:00 PM May 8, 2014
He allegedly flipped over a coffee table, almost striking the woman’s 4-year-old daughter, then grabbed the woman’s hair and punched her head repeatedly, the report said.
8:11 AM May 6, 2014
“Don’t mention my name. I told the police that the car was stolen”
12:28 PM May 3, 2014
Woman arrested for allegedly harassing boyfriend’s sister, does it again in jail
3:15 PM May 2, 2014
Man convicted in 2013 attack on girlfriend
2:16 PM Apr 29, 2014
A group of men allegedly snatched a Cleveland man’s cellphone at Daly’s Bar early Saturday, aiming to receive some cash or sexual favors in exchange for its safe return
10:28 AM Apr 26, 2014
Several police officers swarmed a Putnam Street home Thursday night after a judge suspected drug activity inside the residence.
5:13 PM Apr 24, 2014
Two Sandusky residents have pleaded guilty to charges stemming from the September shooting of an Eddy Henry Way man
3:21 PM Apr 24, 2014
She allegedly said, “get her, get her, beat her (expletive) baby” during the tussle.
4:22 PM Apr 23, 2014
Grandberry charged with felonious assault, domestic violence
6:36 PM Apr 16, 2014
He split the woman’s lip and put her into a “wrestling move,” then allegedly covered her mouth and nose and told her, “Nobody’s going to hear you scream (expletive)”
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