3:45 PM Jan 7, 2014
A Sandusky woman reported threatening voicemails she allegedly received from Alvin Watson just a few days before he was jailed for allegedly threatening at least two other people.
4:20 PM Jan 7, 2014
A Vermilion man was arrested on numerous charges last week after he rammed his grandfather’s car into a parked vehicle, then fled the scene and hid inside the Vermilion Boat Club, police said.
1:30 PM Jan 7, 2014
Two men have been indicted on aggravated murder charges in the beating death of a teen who was left at a southwest Ohio hospital.
6:30 AM Jan 7, 2014
Police in northwestern Ohio said she bacame stranded in her car
10:30 AM Jan 7, 2014
Cincinnati police arrest mother of a 7-week-old girl found floating in a bathtub; charge her with attempted murder
9:30 AM Jan 7, 2014
Sandusky woman reports threatening voicemails from man who allegedly threatened at least two other people
12:14 PM Jan 5, 2014
Police searched a man Thursday evening, arresting him with his pants down and his underwear halfway off after they found crack and heroin.
9:56 AM Jan 5, 2014
35-year-old receives charges after boarding Goodtime I to retrieve pet bird
12:24 PM Jan 4, 2014
A Sandusky man who allegedly threatened two people with a handgun in separate incidents and left a woman a voicemail threatening to burn her house down remains in the Erie County Jail.
6:22 AM Jan 3, 2014
A 19-year-old Bellevue woman charged with conspiracy in the April 22 assault of a 19-year-old Dayton man pleaded guilty to obstructing justice last week.
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