10:11 AM Dec 18, 2013
A Huron man was arrested Tuesday on assault charges stemming from a Friday incident in which he allegedly threatened to assault a group of people with a baseball bat after beating up a woman.
10:45 AM Dec 17, 2013
A former deli owner was the last of three men sentenced to prison for planning and executing a poker game robbery in May 2012.
11:45 AM Dec 17, 2013
Part three of a three-day series.
11:52 AM Dec 16, 2013
Day two of a three-day Register series.
12:37 PM Dec 15, 2013
Cheap on the streets, drug epidemic destroying families. First in a three-day Register series.
10:10 PM Dec 14, 2013
A man facing murder charges in the methadone overdose death of his wife faces trial next month in Sandusky County Common Pleas Court.
9:09 PM Dec 14, 2013
A heroin addict thwarted by an armed clerk in an attempted robbery pleaded guilty to a felony charge last week.
1:51 PM Dec 14, 2013
Landlords discovered two hidden drug stashes in Sandusky homes this week.
5:50 PM Dec 13, 2013
Perkins police found suspected bath salts and amphetamines in the purse of a Meijer shoplifter late Tuesday night, according to a police report.
7:43 PM Dec 13, 2013
Erie County deputies are investigating an alleged sexual assault involving two developmentally disabled adults in Florence Township, according to a deputy’s report.
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