5:06 PM Jul 22, 2014
Inmate was not responsive prior to his death in Sandusky County
4:08 PM Jul 19, 2014

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine wants you to believe his investigators did a thorough job reviewing the 2007 death of Craig Burdine at the Sandusky County Jail.

We say don't believe it.

10:00 AM Jul 18, 2014
Fremont police officers, guards and EMTs all refused to cooperate during DeWine's investigation of jailhouse death in Sandusky County
6:00 AM Jul 16, 2014
Grand jury concludes with no indictments; recommends Sandusky County sheriff and Fremont police try harder next time someone dies in custody
5:45 PM Jul 15, 2014
Grand jury issued report shortly after adjourning
5:36 PM Jul 15, 2014
Grand jurors behind closed doors
11:00 AM Jul 14, 2014
U.S. Justice Department backs away from inquiry
11:00 AM Jul 12, 2014
Grand jurors, prosecutor and investigators meet privately
8:58 AM Jul 11, 2014
No witnesses called yet
6:00 AM Jul 10, 2014
Famed forensic pathologist testifies; calls Craig Burdine's death a homicide
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