8:24 AM Apr 21, 2014
Ohio’s spring season for hunting wild turkeys opens Monday with youths allowed to begin hunting the popular game bird this weekend.
8:54 AM Apr 21, 2014
A pediatric doctor who pleaded guilty to accessing child pornography is citing a troubled childhood and his own sexual abuse as a boy as he seeks a lower prison sentence.
7:52 AM Apr 21, 2014
Deadline is May 5 for those who’d like to create Capitol statues
6:31 PM Apr 20, 2014
The private food vendor that holds the contract for feeding Ohio’s 50,000 prisoners has repeatedly failed to meet the staffing levels it promised, the state announced Friday as it hit the company with $142,100 in fines.
10:30 AM Apr 20, 2014
Ohio State University expects to save millions of dollars because former president Gordon Gee is giving up part of his retirement package as he becomes president of West Virginia University.
9:29 AM Apr 20, 2014
A Democratic candidate for Ohio governor has released his first ad of the campaign season, focusing on his Republican opponent, not his challenger in the primary.
9:46 PM Apr 18, 2014
A group advocating the separation of church and state is protesting a pair of crosses displayed for Easter on a tiny eastern Ohio village’s municipal building.
10:35 AM Apr 19, 2014
Central Ohio officials are warning children without mumps vaccinations might have to miss weeks of school if an outbreak of the illness hits classrooms.
8:58 AM Apr 19, 2014
Central Ohio’s homeless agency is expanding space for displaced families as the number of parents and children with nowhere to live increases.
7:22 PM Apr 17, 2014
Ohio justice says she’s not surprised
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