4:34 PM Apr 25, 2014
An attorney for seven animal owners in Ohio said they will appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court after a federal appeals court refused to rehear the owners’ challenge to the state’s law on dangerous, wild animals.
8:54 AM Apr 24, 2014
A concerned citizens’ group in a northeast Ohio region where earthquakes have been tied to fracking says it won’t take the word of state regulators that new permitting guidelines adequately address public safety.
12:59 PM Apr 23, 2014
The deadline to request an early ballot is noon on May 3. Ohioans can vote absentee without giving any reason.
6:59 AM Apr 22, 2014
An Ohio state lawmaker says the state prisons department should terminate its contract with a private food service operator after fining the company last week for repeatedly failing to meet promised staffing levels.
12:46 PM Apr 22, 2014
The state Court of Claims said an Ohio State University student who was hit by a university-owned bus in a crosswalk has settled a lawsuit against the school for $12,500.
9:59 AM Apr 22, 2014
Measure allows schools to stock epinephrine injectors
12:26 PM Apr 21, 2014
Organizers of the All American Quarter Horse Congress have decided to stay in Ohio after the state committed $38 million for upgrades at the state fairgrounds.
8:24 AM Apr 21, 2014
Ohio’s spring season for hunting wild turkeys opens Monday with youths allowed to begin hunting the popular game bird this weekend.
8:54 AM Apr 21, 2014
A pediatric doctor who pleaded guilty to accessing child pornography is citing a troubled childhood and his own sexual abuse as a boy as he seeks a lower prison sentence.
7:52 AM Apr 21, 2014
Deadline is May 5 for those who’d like to create Capitol statues
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