8:58 AM Apr 19, 2014
Central Ohio’s homeless agency is expanding space for displaced families as the number of parents and children with nowhere to live increases.
7:22 PM Apr 17, 2014
Ohio justice says she’s not surprised
6:00 AM Apr 16, 2014
Policy change for operating standards for schools on nondiscrimination would add sexual orientation to the list of protected classes
2:19 PM Apr 15, 2014
Monday’s Ohio price is identical to the price a month ago
6:00 AM Apr 13, 2014
"Dublin, Ohio, is doing something right."
12:24 PM Apr 12, 2014
The reports of the illness began Jan. 7, with the latest cases reported this week
9:00 AM Apr 12, 2014
State: Company that set off the seismic events was following rules, but just got "unlucky"
2:22 PM Apr 11, 2014
A couple who sued to try to stop shale gas drilling around a state-owned lake in eastern Ohio won an early victory this week as a judge ruled their lawsuit can proceed.
11:43 AM Apr 10, 2014
Health officials tracking a mumps outbreak in central Ohio say there are now 175 confirmed cases, with 111 linked to Ohio State University.
1:51 PM Apr 9, 2014
A bill making it easier for schools, camps and coaches to stock general- use supplies of epinephrine shots used to counter allergic reactions has cleared its second legislative chamber.
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