A bill making it easier for schools, camps and coaches to stock general- use supplies of epinephrine shots used to counter allergic reactions has cleared its second legislative chamber.
1:51 PM Apr 9, 2014
Attorneys for a condemned Ohio killer scheduled to die next month said multiple health problems put him at risk for harm during lethal injection.
10:24 AM Apr 8, 2014
The state is awarding more than $570,000 from its Waterways Safety Fund to 23 community public safety agencies.
5:35 PM Apr 6, 2014
A judge has set a $2 million bond for a man accused of raping a 13-year-old Ohio girl while she waited for a school bus.
2:57 AM Apr 6, 2014
A group pushing to have voters overturn Ohio’s gay marriage ban said it is also collecting signatures to bar discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in employment and housing.
9:09 PM Apr 5, 2014
More than 3,200 kits have been tested in the ongoing effort to solve more reported sexual assaults with the help of DNA matches.
6:26 PM Apr 4, 2014
“This deprives Ohio voters of choice, and this is neither right nor fair”
11:19 AM Apr 4, 2014
A federal judge has ordered Ohio to restore hormone treatment to a transgender inmate who sued after her treatments were stopped.
10:27 AM Apr 4, 2014
The Ohio Senate plans to vote on a bill that would require hospital maternity units and newborn care nurseries to report the number of babies born addicted to drugs.
11:11 AM Apr 3, 2014
An Indiana Guardsman has pleaded guilty to having homemade explosive devices in his vehicle when he was stopped in Ohio.
6:27 PM Apr 2, 2014


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