A federal appeals court upheld Ohio’s restrictions on exotic animals Tuesday, rejecting a challenge by owners who claimed the law was too stringent and forced them to join organizations they disagree with
Governor hopeful’s campaign questioned
The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has removed pornographic video files it discovered on a state online file-sharing site open to the public.
An Indiana National Guardsman who was stopped in Ohio with explosives and guns in his vehicle has been charged by federal prosecutors with illegal possession of destructive devices.
An Ohio day care worker suspected of sprinkling drugs on snacks to get children to sleep has been fined $250 and had her 180-day jail sentence suspended after a plea deal.
An Ohio group has refiled its paperwork after hitting a snag in an effort to guarantee certain voter protections in the state constitution.
Schwarzenegger, the former Republican governor of California, wrote that Columbus has been “an extremely successful” location for his annual Arnold Sports Festival.
Policy change by Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network makes Ohio net exporter of donor hearts
Ohio issued almost 97,000 new licenses and more than 48,000 renewal licenses in 2013 for a total of 145,342.
Ohio is turning 211 years old with this year’s Statehood Day celebration.
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