Voters in Ohio approved a constitutional amendment in 2006 that calls for annual increases in the hourly wage
6:17 PM Jan 4, 2015
How much was your most-recent fill up?
8:32 AM Dec 29, 2014
Governor plans to cut state income tax, look to businesses to help make up lost revenue
6:00 AM Dec 19, 2014
"For those who are saying it's a revenue maker, it isn't if you don't run the lights or drive in great excess of the speed limit."
12:59 PM Dec 18, 2014
Measure cleared committee, but chairman adjourned before voters signed the roll
6:00 AM Dec 18, 2014
minors using tanning beds, pot possession and lethal injection drugs also on the list
9:10 AM Dec 17, 2014
Departments respond by issuing stun guns, requiring crisis-intervention training and having officers work in pairs
9:00 AM Dec 16, 2014
Problems include questionable billing, poorly trained aides and high turnover
6:00 AM Dec 16, 2014
Logan Stieber wins by forfeit; No. 7-ranked Ohio State loses 20-19 on fourth criteria tiebreaker to No. 5 Missouri
7:16 PM Dec 14, 2014
The GOP-led House Health Committee passed the bill last month after several emotional hours of testimony and debate
1:39 PM Dec 10, 2014


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