5:41 AM Feb 6, 2014
The Ohio Attorney General’s Office says it has received 5,523 previously untested rape kits as it searches for DNA matches that could help solve sexual assaults.
May 28, 1956 - Jan 31, 2014

Elder Kathy Marie Bolton, 57 --Sunrise May 28, 1956, in Sandusky; and Sunset, Jan. 31, 2014, in Columbus. 

9:23 PM Feb 4, 2014
Taxi cab drivers in Columbus are tired of cleaning up after drunk people who vomit in their vehicles.
6:18 PM Feb 4, 2014
The city of Columbus has spent $723,000 trying to get rid of the rotten taste and smell of its drinking water.
10:17 AM Feb 4, 2014
The state is attributing a large drop in the number of deer bagged by Ohio hunters to the effect of liberal bag limits in past years meant to bring down the number of deer.
5:31 AM Feb 3, 2014
Command in Columbus has at least two other troubled troopers
7:23 AM Feb 2, 2014
Investigations of trooper who allegedly gave sex lessons under review at OSP HQ
9:57 AM Jan 31, 2014
An Ohio bill would let school boards decide what athletic club activities would excuse high school students from physical education requirements.
5:31 PM Jan 30, 2014
Ohio officials say they’ve received more than 54,000 applications from people seeking Medicaid health coverage through a new state website.
8:00 PM Jan 27, 2014
State lawmakers introduce bill allowing four more weather-related days off
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