The 43-year-old driver, Timothy Russell, and his 30-year-old passenger, Malissa Williams, were each struck with more than 20 rounds
3:24 PM Dec 18, 2014
Eagles, Trojans play Firelands Conference game before Cavaliers-Hawks game
9:49 PM Dec 17, 2014
Cleveland based music museums announces new inductees for 2015.
11:11 AM Dec 17, 2014
Samaria Rice also told The Associated Press that police put Tamir Rice's 14-year-old sister in handcuffs as she rushed to help her dying brother
2:27 PM Dec 15, 2014
The Bengals overwhelmed the Browns on the field and on the stat sheet, recording their first shutout since Dec. 21, 2008 — in Cleveland.
5:44 PM Dec 14, 2014
Punter Spencer Lanning, who kicked in a preseason game last year, said he could fill in if Cundiff can't play.
7:02 PM Dec 12, 2014
"One of the things that I've always not liked is the modern players have always concentrated on dancing in the end zone and BS-ing when serious things were going on in this country that needed to be changed"
5:56 PM Dec 12, 2014
Manziel is the Browns' 21st starting quarterback since 1999.
3:41 PM Dec 9, 2014
Through the team's publicity department, Lewis later apologized for the comment
11:07 AM Dec 9, 2014
"In the final year of his contract and with only four games left, that might be the end of Hoyer’s playing time in his hometown"
11:17 AM Dec 7, 2014


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