11:32 AM Apr 15, 2014
“As you publish the notice for a new city manager and you list the requirements, you should also include in it: ‘Women and blacks need not apply. We’re taking the city in a different direction,’”
4:24 PM Apr 14, 2014
The statue went to Wadsworth in October and just came back this month
3:58 PM Apr 12, 2014
Download and read the city manager's report and commission agenda here
11:45 AM Apr 6, 2014
Sandusky ex officio mayor Dennis Murray Jr. answered some questions from the Register about the city manager’s position:
12:03 PM Apr 6, 2014
Icsman in the interim after Ard’s firing but city manager search will be quick, local
1:44 PM Apr 3, 2014
Initiative helps residents, city
2:52 PM Mar 29, 2014
Seven commissioners split 4-3 on city manager's firing
2:03 PM Mar 29, 2014
Sandusky city commission votes 4-3 to terminate city manager's employment
12:57 PM Mar 28, 2014
Meeting scheduled for 2 p.m. today will be streamed live here at sanduskyregister.com
12:18 AM Mar 28, 2014
State and federal laws include safeguards preventing landlords from discriminating against any and all citizens.
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