1:34 PM Jan 27, 2014
“Lake Erie Shores & Islands would like to participate in this venture to increase brand awareness and provide a sense of welcoming or arrival into the region”
12:05 PM Jan 19, 2014
City looks to attract more businesses with simpler layout.
11:25 AM Jan 19, 2014
“There is underwhelming development there because there is poor access”
5:38 PM Jan 10, 2014
City analyzes recent accomplishments to enhance community.
10:29 AM Jan 9, 2014
Huron’s leaders will deliver a state of the city address from 7-8 p.m. tonight at the Huron Public Library, 333 Williams St.
11:02 AM Dec 31, 2013
Huron Township approves $100,000 for Fabens Park.
10:10 AM Dec 26, 2013
Huron officials expect big savings.
11:17 PM Dec 16, 2013
Huron city council recently shook up its hierarchy.
10:14 AM Dec 16, 2013
Michael Scott from “The Office” frequently counted on Dwight Schrute as his trusty sidekick in the workplace. And soon Huron city manager Andy White can call upon his No. 2 when needed.
9:10 AM Dec 16, 2013
Huron’s new frosty fine schedule might seem colder than Santa leaving lumps of coal for good girls and boys.
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