1:04 PM Mar 24, 2014
City planners directed $176,000 toward cosmetic enhancements on the Huron Memorial Bridge on Cleveland Road (U.S. 6)
2:16 PM Mar 12, 2014
Huron city council collectively derailed a proposal calling to quiet trains chugging through the downtown area.
12:31 PM Mar 7, 2014
Huron city council recently approved spending upward of $21,000 in local taxpayer funds to publish 7,500 copies of a 20-page magazine, informing people about area progress.
7:14 PM Mar 7, 2014
“We realize (projects) of this size may cause some inconveniences, and we apologize for the disruption”
8:17 AM Mar 7, 2014
Huron seeks to make crossing Cleveland road safer
1:54 PM Feb 24, 2014
$305,000 for former show boat site
3:11 PM Feb 9, 2014
Officials look to up network accessibility
3:57 PM Feb 9, 2014
Officials plan projects to make Huron more walker-friendly.
2:13 PM Feb 1, 2014
Busy intersection home to many businesses and empty buildings.
1:34 PM Jan 27, 2014
“Lake Erie Shores & Islands would like to participate in this venture to increase brand awareness and provide a sense of welcoming or arrival into the region”
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