Negotiations ongoing in great LeBron James - Cedar Point coaster naming saga
12:00 PM Jul 31, 2014
Will be inspecting Skyhawk in the next couple days
8:30 AM Jul 29, 2014
Cedar Point spokesman addresses accident
8:25 AM Jul 28, 2014
Editor’s note: This is the letter sent from Cedar Point vice president and general manager Jason McClure to Sandusky city manager Eric Wobser concerning the proposed admissions tax increase:
2:48 PM Jul 25, 2014
Many followed him on Cedar Point's tallest coaster
4:47 PM Jul 23, 2014
Locals chime in following announcement of LeBron's return to Cleveland
9:00 PM Jul 11, 2014
Cedar Point offers to rename coaster for LeBron James if he returns
9:11 AM Jul 10, 2014
Amusement park officials celebrate success of new management team
11:00 AM Jul 3, 2014
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