8:13 AM Feb 14, 2014
Cedar Point may be getting new thrill ride
4:59 PM Feb 5, 2014
Any person landing a summer job also receives numerous perks.
8:18 PM Feb 1, 2014
New Cedar Point vice president, GM excited about 2014.
12:08 PM Dec 25, 2013
Record-breaking rollercoaster leads to big year for park.
2:29 PM Dec 8, 2013
Amusement park donates items to nonprofit auction.
3:35 PM Nov 29, 2013
Though the park is closed, winter mainentance is in full swing for Cedar Point.
10:51 AM Oct 27, 2013
Former Cedar Fair president and CEO lauds outgoing Cedar Point GM.
10:51 AM Oct 27, 2013
As Cedar Point closes for the season, Hildebrandt calls it a career.
8:53 AM Oct 26, 2013
Breaking new frontiers at Cedar Point
6:26 PM Oct 25, 2013

Today we hit the road and the Cedar Point Causeway for this week's edition of Between the Lines.

We talked with the amusement park's general manager John Hildebrandt at the start of his last Halloweekend as GM.

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