1:09 PM May 18, 2014
Huron County deputies find cocaine residue on marijuana pipe
8:00 AM May 6, 2014

The dust up between Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard and Norwalk police Chief David Light over a botched raid at a Norwalk home in March is a serious dispute. It's brought problems with how Howard operates the sheriff's office to the public's attention, and that's a good thing.

6:24 AM May 4, 2014
Sheriff goes on offensive in battle with Norwalk police over botched raid
6:14 PM May 4, 2014
Howard goes on offensive against Norwalk police with misinformation
8:10 AM Apr 28, 2014
Deputies told they had the wrong guy before they executed search warrant on Benedict Avenue
5:17 AM Apr 15, 2014
Howard declares operation a success without reviewing why deputies went to wrong home
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