Local police respond every day to heated and unusual situations. The following is one item pulled from the daily police blotter. SANDUSKY POLICE SATURDAY, SEPT. 17 8:36 p.m. -- Venice Road and Thorpe Drive, Craig Hugh Jr., 1500 block W. Madison St., trafficking marijuana and possession of marijuana.



ABOUT TIME!!  WAY TO GO SPD!!!!!  I think the name is backwards in the Register....


ya woo! way to go SPD! way to bust people for marijuana instead of the countless break-ins, stabbings, shootings, robberies, crack,heroin, pills, drunk drivers, or anything else that actually causes HARM to people.


Hey inappropriate, illegal IS illegal. Adults KNOW when they are doing something illegal and if they CHOSE to break the law, they should be adult enough to pay the price, instead of crying like a BABY because they got caught. Boo who who who just like a 2 year old. Grow up!!!! So tell me, when you tell your kids they aren't allowed to do something ..... does that mean ONLY if they don't hurt someone? lol, must be a geat parent.


Unbelievable he didn't get caught with his usual COCAINE dealing! Know the facts before you make snide remarks about marijuana.  Illegal is illegal just like Mommy25 says!!  This is one scumbag that maybe won't deal to kids and I checked, his name is backwards in the police log.  Friendly's is glad he doesn't work here anymore!


hey thanks s**t heads! you're missing the point. there are worse things going on in this town that the energy and resources could be put towards. when was the last time you checked this site and there wasn't at least one article about some one being murdered or robbed?


Rob Kampia, the director of the Marijuana Policy Project quoted numbers that place all marijuana related arrests outnumber arrests for “all violent crimes combined.” The numbers don’t lie. What this means is that law enforcement officials are spending a highly disproportionate amount of time chasing nonviolent criminals.

Sue Meredith

So inappropriate you feel it's ok for someone to be dealing drugs in an area where our kids are going to school? In case you didn't notice, this took place at VeniceRd  and Thorpe Dr right around the corner from Venice Heights Elementary School. Pot is  an illegal drug just like crack and heroin.

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Think about the people that you know who has died from or is fighting cancer right now. Then watch the film "Run From The Cure" by Rick Simpson, then tell me how you feel about marijuana. Marijuana is an amazing plant that should be legal to anyone. Educate yourselves people. If you see this film and you still feel the same about weed, you must really like cancer.


inappropriate: I get what you are trying to say. You are not trying to justify this crime, or say the accused should go unpunished, just that there are way more dangerous things going on. Things that could hurt someone or themselves. They did a good job catching this one in a million, but they have so much more work to do, such as what you mentioned, crack, heroin, pills etc..



Contaminants contained in natural cannabis continue to pose a health threat to patients who must obtain their medicine from unscrupulous illicit markets.

The US government provides another contaminant risk in its spraying programs intended to stop the use of marijuana. Herbicides used to eradicate illegal crops have many known health hazards.[1] The United States government sprayed the herbicide Paraquat on marijuana crops in Mexico years ago, and in Hawaii more recently. Paraquat and other Drug War pesticides permeate vegetative growth and are definitely injurious to human health.

The above is for your information. Perhaps the government wants to poison the marijuana users? The government knows that the tainted marijuana will eventually make it to the United States and other countries.

Now think about this. Plants absorb herbicides and other chemicals. People eat food derived from plants. People are unknowingly consuming harmful chemicals with the government's approval.

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I agree with Inappropriate, come on people this is ridiculous. You can sit and drink yourselves retarded, which causes alot of the domestic calls, but someone can't smoke a j, which has never caused a domestic call or other call for that matter. Marijuana is harmless and should be legal before alcohol should. Alcohol on the other hand causes people to black out and do things they don't even know they did til they sober up. Our government and law officials are so corrupt, it isn't funny. Also like Inappropriate said, there's way more things going on that should be taken care of other than a person who wants to smoke a J. I hate this country more everyday.




"Run From The Cure" by Rick Simpson

This is a free 58 minute documentary worth watching.

@ OhioFreebyrd, Thank you for the information.




A desperate father whose son was suffering from a life-threatening brain tumour has revealed he gave him cannabis oil to ease his pain. And he has now apparently made a full recovery.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmviQBB5DHs The young boy, Cash Hyde in the above news article had stage 4 brain cancer.


April 1, 2009 -- The active chemical in marijuana promotes the death of brain cancer cells by essentially helping them feed upon themselves, researchers in Spain report.


Doctors said 2-year-old Cash Hyde would likely die after they found a stage 4 brain tumor surrounding his optic nerve just a year ago this week.



Show me even 1 death attributed to marijuana use.
and i'll drop the subject forever.
but if you look up deaths from cocaine, heroin, tobacco, food, slipping in your own house, car wrecks, and your precious alcohol then it'll be a problem.
Kids shouldn't get their hands on it, thats understandable.

my point is, there are people being shot, stabbed, mugged, in our city yet we praise a trivial marijuna bust.

it's barely even a crime in ohio http://www.norml.com/index.cfm?w....
seriously, take a look.

i'd be more concerned with locking up your liquor cabinet than locking up some one for selling a non-harmful plant.

it doesn't kill braincells, that was a lie. look up the heath/tulane study. it was a complete fabrication and flat out lie.

Kids die all the time from alcohol overdose, yet no one in history has ever died from marijuana.

maybe the guy lived by a school, doesn't mean he was out side getting your 12 year old high though.


My point is: Don't break the law just because you don't think it's right, or don't agree to it.  If you feel so strongly that marijuana should not be a concern, then do something constructive about it and start fighting to change the laws. Personaly I wish alcohol was illegal too .... wouldn't hurt my feelings none. Never understood drunkeness either .... get drunk, throw up, have a head ache ... sounds like the flu and you have to PAY to get it??? PLEASE!!!!!!!!! Why can't people just watch a baby smile to make themselves have a good day anymore??? Or watch a sunset??? For crying out loud, marijuana is far from the worse thing out there but its still a mind altering drug. Is life really so terrible? Use the stuff for medical purposes .... I'll agree that wouldnt be bad, but just to escape life??? just because you need something to help you feel good??? And I was married to a pot head who couldn't hold a job because he couldn't smoke on the job, who spent the better part of his young life walking around in a haze .... did he hurt anyone .... only his children, only his wife. No big problem there, huh? Yep, it doesn't hurt anyone .... anyone important that is.


Truth is by nature self-evident. As soon as you remove the cobwebs of ignorance that surround it, it shines clear.

Truth stands, even if there be no public support. It is self-sustained.

Mohandas Gandhi


How could a few thousand British control or govern over millions in India? Perhaps the same as a few in government who tell us how we should live and obey the laws that only a few people in government enacted?

In the past, I used to go to the library and read books that were often outdated or printed false information. Now I use the internet to expand my knowledge. It is a shame that simple minded people with narrow minded views waste time on Facebook and other social sites but refuse to even look at links that are provided by myself and others. I have been doing a lot of research on the benefits of marijuana.

Since it is illegal to experiment with it, I will have to abide with the laws that were based on lies and greed for money. There are no laws in place yet that I cannot do some internet research on the topic.


There is no money in healthy people and dead people…so the government wants to keep us somewhere in between. They do this by making it difficult to have access to natural, raw, organic foods and they pass laws continually that undermine these industries. They also work closely with drug companies to make sure if we do need a little healing we don’t look much farther than a prescription bottle.

Watch the video by Bill Maher. It is very thought provoking and so very true.