Local police respond every day to heated and unusual situations. The following is one item pulled from the daily police blotter. ERIE COUNTY SHERIFF FRIDAY, SEPT. 9 11:57 p.m. -- Cranberry Creek Marina, 4319 U.S. 6, maintenance shop and bait and tackle store burglarized; numerous fishing rods, reels and equipment stolen, as well as about $150 to $200 from the cash register.


help please

Usually the blotter items are odd in some way. I am not sure I see what it so big about this crime to make blotter item of the day. What am I missing folks??


Probably the only other thing on the police blotter is that a "gang of black men" beat up someone. This happened again on Saturday night. I don't know why they think a "gang" beating up on one person makes them a man, but it makes them little boys in my book. This is happening all to often in Sandusky. We had plans to come to town to one of the restaurants, but we will now go to another town. Maybe if everyone had to do some work for their entitlement checks this would not happen as they would be to tired to cause touble. Please pray for the victim as he is in a Cleveland hospital.


grandmasgirl is correct. Outside of the Crystal Room. Had another beatdown just down the road a night or 2 before this.


Why isn't the Register reporting on THOSE things?????


The Crystal Room beating IS on here, now...They arrested an 18 year old...


Thank you and I appologize, I'm not sure how I overlooked either one but I sure did.

Sue Meredith

Both assaults reported on both the web site and in the hard copy/e-paper


as all these events are sad an tragic an sr reports on all of them, but my question is why didnt sr report on the triathon that happend over the weekend? i havent seen anything on the web or in hard copy, is sr tryin to report jus the bad?


@bigbirdblue.  It's in today's hard copy


Ya see, I wonder why most of the time when something happens at a certain 1600 block of Milan Rd tavern, the Register uses the tavern's name in the story, but when something happens at Louie's it always says 2300 block River Ave.  It's not uncommon to see two or three incidents in the 2300 block of River Ave in the daily log per night and yet the Register doesn't do a story about that.