Erie County Sheriff
Sunday, July 20, 2014 - 9:46pm
7000 block Kalahari Drive, Huron Township, Jeramey A. Colon, 22, 200 block Reese St., persistent disorderly conduct. Colon allegedly was in wave pool and started yelling at lifeguard when the waves stopped. Colon then got out of pool and went up to lifeguard and pushed him. Lifeguard then pushed Colon back into pool. Colon reportedly became combative when leaving resort, disgracing deputy directions.



What are you talking about? What does disgracing deputy directions mean?

Licorice Schtick

Obviously it should have been "disregarding" not "disgracing." This sort of spell-check error has never happened before. I'm sure it will be corrected right away.


Yep, and they win awards


And in what world is this Horseplay? Appropriate headlines might include: "Stupidity not allowed." or "Pushing and yelling at lifeguard not allowed" or "Obnoxious conduct not allowed."

Stop It

WTF?..No reading between the lines on this one.


Even locals can be Aholes!


^^lol^^ no pun intended I'm sure :O)