Sandusky Police
Saturday, May 10, 2014 - 1:07am
East Sprucewood Drive, Woman was acting strange. Man found her naked in her backyard.


Dwight K.


Perkins Resident

Pic or it didn't happen.


There will be a reward given for the person who collects the most pictures on said subject.


Well how about it SR? You publish 35 pix of onlookers of a domestic dispute but nothing on this "Nude gets jump on summer tan" story.


Be careful what you wish for. Not ever nude is something you WANT to see. LOL

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The Hero Zone

I forget which comedian said it (think it was one of the Blue Collar regulars) but the gist was "You always want to see what people don't want to show, but you get the lady at the bar who hikes up her dress saying, 'Take a good look, boys! You want some of this?' that you cringe and say, 'Put it away, lady, it looks like an old catcher's mitt.' It's when they just give it away that you don't get excited."


nor does one want to see any of the old balls that go in the catchers mitt!

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The Hero Zone

I know Larry the Cable Guy had a bit about that.


Still trying to see the problem here...

Good 2 B Me

Let us at least see, then we can make up our minds!


She wanted it

Good 2 B Me

The "D?"