Huron Police
Sunday, March 23, 2014 - 3:58pm
900 block Main St., man fell at car wash, asked officer to confirm it was slippery inside port. Officer cited freezing temperatures, said “of course it would be slippery.”



He most likely wanted a report so that he could sue the car wash for his own stupidity

yea right

Ohio law states this..if you deice and or shovel snow you are admitting there is a hazard.. if you do nothing at all then you are not to blame..therefore there would not be a lawsuit..owners new nothing..haha man gets nothing

Good 2 B Me

Nice to see the same old thing. Cops being called in and making smart #ss remarks.


If there were freezing temperatures, it would be slippery. COMMON SENSE. Did it need to be worded a little more Politically Correct for you? I hope the mans car froze closed on the ride home too. I am not a cop and I would make the same comment.

Good 2 B Me

He may have had a reason to call the police. A smart comment was not the correct way for the officer to reply. I could care less about being PC. It gets annoying that so many Cops are so rude.


We need more smart a$$ remarks in our daily lives. I'm tired of listening to people being PC and saying nothing.

Stop It

That deserved a smartass comment as well as a smack upside his head.

Good 2 B Me

So, you feel that violence would have settled the problem?


Violence would not have settled the problem but it sure would have ended any dreams of a washy law suit.