Erie County Sheriff
Sunday, March 23, 2014 - 12:19pm
7000 block Kalahari Drive, 14-year-old boy played rough in wave action pool, threw tubes at younger kids. Ten-year-old girl said he also went under water and touched her buttocks.





OMG Child's play is now police business. WHERE ARE PARENTS? DON'T THEY PATROL THEIR KIDS? I am 50 almost and NEVER were police called EVER. Parents spanked, and punished kids. Kids had respect for one another


No, parents don't watch their kids. Everything now is viewed as a "prank." Parents now will confront you and your child for not being take a joke.


Some strange child touching my daughters butt is NO PRANK and would be dealt with. No police needed. Places like this are one giant babysitter. Parents dump their kids off and head to the bar or where ever else.