Sandusky Police
Monday, January 13, 2014 - 4:49pm
1100 block Chalet Drive, Boy, 15, same, domestic violence, criminal damaging. Boy flicked lighter in mother's face during argument over video games. Boy then smashed mother's new phone, put her in chokehold.



sounds like "boy" needs his a$$ beat..

Ben Crazy

Ya think?


If ya smash moms phone and act like an ungrateful snot....guess MOM will take a hammer to your video games and console! Enjoy your time in juvie!


moms just are not the same as when I was young. my mom would have beat this punk's a$$ off and hit him over the head with it..


Where is Dad? Don't ever mistreat your parents, Bet they bought you the video games, learn some self discipline , respect, NO-body cares about you like Mom.