Sandusky Police
Monday, January 13, 2014 - 4:18pm
Camp and Monroe streets, man backed out of driveway, causing driver to nearly strike him. Man exited car, told driver, “if you hit me I was going to shoot you.” Driver fled area before man could get back in car.



Doesn't sound like road rage to me. Just a man stating a point. Probably said sue, and not shoot, and why would the driver stay behind? No wreck.


No, he probably did say shoot.


People are so eager to shoot someone. It sound like it was his fault if he would have got hit.


he needs to learn how to drive


In that part of town it probably was "shoot"! I think I would have tried to get the guy's plate number or something first before I made the police report though. Not that anything happened but in case a similar incident happened there would be a report on file that a threat was made even if nothing came of it. Maybe I'm wrong about that but I don't think I could make light of someone saying they were going to shoot me over a car accident.


If you are backing up you do not have the right of way!


Agreed, backing out of a driveway you are to YIELD to moving traffic. The street has the right of way. Just more people thinking it is "all about me" and "I am more important that the next guy".


No one even bothers to LOOK any more - they seem to "assume" that oncoming traffic will stop or swerve to avoid THEM! When you blare your horn at them, they act like they don't even hear you! It's maddening!