Sandusky Police
Monday, December 16, 2013 - 12:32am
400 block Taylor St., man dialed 911 for a ride to Norwalk hospital, said his phone was out of minutes to make non-emergency transportation call.



He should be charged with misuse of 911. Ridiculous.


He did have to go the hospital not the liquor store. Give the guy a break.

Pioneer Trail Pimp

He should have known better. Sandusky cops are sleeping or sexting at that time of night.


In large cities on top of the Taxies/Cabs are lights that say "Call 911". There was a lot of confusion because people were thinking if they wanted a ride they were to call 911. What it meant is if the light was lit to call 911 because an irrational rider was in the taxi and the police could then find it very easily, the light could be turned on without alerting the passenger inside and tipping them off that the Cabbie was calling for help. This caused a lot of confusion for quite some time but can be a very effective method for keeping the Cab Driver safe.