Bellevue Police
Thursday, April 4, 2013 - 6:02pm
200 block Greenwood Heights, woman said 16-year-old daughter refused to pick up clothes.



Then nail them to the floor or throw them outside. They'll learn to pick them up then. That's what my grandma did to her kids when they were growing up. It only took one time.

tell it how it is

A mother was seriously called the Police for this? Pure disgrace for parents everywhere..


This is unbelievable. Beat her A@@. I agree with starry...nail them to the floor, throw them away, whatever, but to call the cops? a PARENT. (I bet the girl still has her IPhone too)


This is inbelieveable. Someone actually called the COPS over this?? This has to be one of the most ridiculous things I've ever seen/read. I don't know who's dumber: the mother who called, or the police who responded to this. It's a toss-up.


Even worse, Bellevue police wasted our tax dollars responding to that call!!! That could have been handled on the phone!


The hard copy of the Register has some real doozies under their own police blotter.... seems as it is a new trend... kids don't wanna go to school, they don't wanna do homework... woman calls because a man tried to give her flowers or something... I don't get it....

Woody Hayes

Grandpa, you wasted my time reading your moronic blog.


She's a little old to get her butt kicked, this should have happened a while ago, but a sure fire way to get an attitude adjustment.......shut off the cell phone and change the password for the internet! If she's anything like my girls, the attitude will abruptly change!

Darwin's choice

Maybe they were on the floor at her boyfriends house.......


Glad u can read woody, try understanding what u read!


The trouble with throwing them out is that the child would probably call the cops on her mother. Or the parents would cave and buy new ones. Personally, I would pick the clothes up, hide them somewhere, then go to Goodwill and buy her the most out of date clothes I could find. Then when she went to her closet, maybe she would appreciate her parents more.


A 16 year old is not a child... A 16 year old is a teenager and fully capable of picking up her own mess. But to do it for them is enabling them.