Erie County Sheriff
Sunday, April 7, 2013 - 9:41pm
3600 block Strecker Road, woman spotted 1 pound box of brown sugar lying on couch when she came home, told deputies she only bought 5 pound boxes, woman said the previous day she found a 1 pound box of regular sugar and a jar of cinnamon lying on couch, she had no idea who it was or how they were getting in.



sugar fairies are rarely seen and sometimes fill in for tooth fairies.

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Well, keep the sugars apart or in a few months you will have a 5 pound bag of mixed sugars :)

Colonel Angus

I actually LOL'd! Excellent post!


That's better than a 200 pound sack of doo doo lying on the couch ...


really? This is newsworthy? Really?


I 'd like it very much to have money fairies leave stacks of cash on my couch. :)

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I would be scared too if someone kept coming into my house. Maybe an admire is telling her shes sweet. Still creepy though


I can't believe that someone was stupid enough to call the police because someone is breaking in and leaving something?? I mean I guess that's what's happening here right. The brilliance of people lately is beyond amazing!


Ummm, yeah...I'm guessing that the elevator doesn't go all the way to the top floor.