Sandusky police
Friday, April 5, 2013 - 1:19pm
2200 block Cleveland Road, suspicious man wandering around car's showroom. The man told employee he was "just looking" but then went into store's private kitchen and rummaged through cabinets. The man then left with showroom's plastic basket containing his popcorn. When officer found him, man said he didn't do anything wrong. He returned basket to officer and was told to stay away from showroom.



He said he was just looking! Really? You called the cops on him just because he didn't buy a car but he had your stale popcorn? Wow! Didn't know you guys were that hard up!

tell it how it is

Would you like him to come to your house and do the same?

It's not that he didn't buy a car. It's the creepiness of the guy, and then he went and rummaged around in space he was not welcome in, and actually took something. Despite how little.

asitwasstated are so would steal other peoples stuff too and not think anything of it?


hey, popcorn's expensive!