Sandusky Police
Wednesday, April 3, 2013 - 1:16am
200 block Columbus Ave., bartender kicked drunken man out of bar; moments later woman barged in, took a swing at bartender then ran off. When police caught up with their group, drunken man threatened to beat officer. Police found marijuana in another man’s pocket. Chad Green, 42, 200 block Perry St., resisting arrest, disorderly conduct intoxicated, menacing. Ravion Watson, 36, 1800 block Superior St., disorderly conduct; Darren Johnson, 46, 1800 block Fourth St., disorderly conduct, possession of marijuana.



Some1 from the Perry St. high rise, some1 from the homeless shelter, and some1 from the far east side ... all downtown getting hammered ... with weed. Give thanks to messiah Obama for his free money. IE says that the title of this page is "Stupid is as stupid does" - how appropriate! The easiest way to get people to straighten up is to quit paying for their vices.