Sandusky Police
Monday, April 1, 2013 - 11:13am
Hayes Avenue and Center Street, children put Jaw Breaker candy in road; when car crushed candy, children collected and ate it. Police lectured them on dangers of running into street.



How about police lecturing their parents on the dangers of NOT keeping an eye on their children ?


Maybe the kids could do this on water street and fill all the pot holes.


If my mother found me in the street, she would have beat my A s s. And if the cops took me home and told her what I was doing it would have been even WORSE. The parents in this story are probably the same parents that would SUE the heck out of someone if their child was HIT while playing in the road. Crying how their child never would have been in the road and how it was the car's fault.


Forget background checks and/or licensing for guns, and conduct background checks and license PARENTS! (Which, come to think of it, would solve a LOT of things, including a certain amount of gun crime...)


Not to mention the pi$$ and whatever else is on the road !!


Were these kids on assistance? Mama & papa need a nap , April 1st. was food card day, worn out parents from all that shopping on your dime.

sandtown born a...

Sounds accurate

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I like their innovation, leave them alone!