Perkins Police
Sunday, March 17, 2013 - 2:42pm
2:42 p.m. — King and Columbus avenues, police stopped vehicle with cracked front windshield, spotted 22-ounce beer near passenger’s feet. When they picked up the bottle, passenger’s 3-year-old son said, “That’s my daddy’s beer.” Nathan Clem, 24, 200 block Pearl St., open container.



So , was the 3 year old driving ? ; )))


Gotta love it! From the mouth of babes! LOL


LOL, people never fail to amaze me. I was in North Ridgeville two days ago getting fuel, I had to pay inside first, and a woman in front of me was buying cigarettes and eight lighters, she said “Sh—, everyone always steals my lighters so I am getting a bunch, all different colors” I went out to get my fuel and her man had the driver’s door open, sitting in the counsel was a tall beer almost full while he put $5.00 of gas in the car. The car was another story, the rocker panels were completely rusted through, the exhaust was noisy and the front tire was low. It takes the cake to see where some people put their priorities. What’s next? Obama fuel to go with Obama cell phones!


Actually , cell phones where just an expansion of the Telecomunication Act of 1996 . Way before Obama .


Got it, expansion of free stuff. Even during a recession. When is the transporation act happening for free gas. LOL


So..only open container? Not child endangering or DUI? wow, Maybe I dont know the whole story but that seems weird!

Kottage Kat

But Obama gave us free ones.


Actually , eligibility for this program is decided by each state , on a state by state basis and Obama really has nothing to do with who gets what . Nice try though . : )


Also , as per this program in some cases it is cheaper for taxpayers to provide cell phones to those eligible instead of installing landlines.