Sandusky Police
Saturday, March 16, 2013 - 4:47pm
Tiffin Ave. and Venice Road, 5-, 4- and 3-year-old girls found walking in the road. Strangers stopped to get children out of road and place them in vehicle to keep warm as they weren't dressed for the weather. Said they lived with their grandmother in 2200 block of St. Clair St. Police took girls back to residence. Grandmother said they were supposed to be sleeping, but found they have moved a chair to a door to open at latch to leave.



Oh good heavens!!! Thank goodness that this person that picked them up was someone that was trustworthy and took them home and this story wasn't headline news that a 3, 4 and 5 year old were missing from their grandmother's home! Thank you whoever you are for taking care of them and taking them home but they had gotten a couple blocks away as it was. How did the grandmother not hear the door open? This blog is both happy and frightening at the same time


thank goodness there are still good and decent people out there ! it could have had a trajic ending.


thank goodness there are still good and decent people out there ! it could have had a trajic ending.


I'm surprised "grandma" didn't get charged with child endangering or some other thing. Where was she when all this was going down? That'd be the LAST time grandma babysat for ME!


Good ending, It was sooo cold that day. Grandma may not be in a good position to watch 3 young girls all the time. Parents have to consider the welfare of kids & grandma. This could have ended badly, how could grandma deal w/ that?


xtension - how is grandma guilty of child endangering? The kids had to move a chair to undo a latch in order to get outside! Grandma obviously had her house locked up while everyone was napping. If U get 2 B a grandparent, then you'll understand how tired 3 little kids will make U.
Thank the good Lord that the world still has people who look out for their neighbors. The city should give these people an award for heroism. Spotlight the wonderful things people do instead of glamorizing the tragic things that humans are capable of.

Cracked Cherry

99% Of human beings would call the police seeing these kids walking. If it was a young parent instead of a Grandmother they would of been charged with endangering.