Sandusky Police
Tuesday, March 5, 2013 - 8:54am
Columbus Avenue and W. Boalt Street, woman walked dog down street, cinder block tied to its neck. She told police she was trying to build dog’s muscle and didn’t have money for proper equipment. They told her to save up money.



This is a person that should not have a dog!


It a dog not a body builder . Next people will be giving them steroids . ; )))))

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Let me guess it was a pit or a pit mix? This woman should have been charged with animal cruelty. THere is NO medical reason for a dog to "build muscle". Especially no need for a cinder block. This woman should have her dog removed from her care and charged. Just WHY does this dog need bigger muscles? I have a feeling she is wanting a "big bad vicious" pit bull, status dog!

The Hamburglar

I agree 100%.


The breed of the dog is irrelevant!! But I agree that she should have been charged with animal cruelty and had the dog taken from her and taken to the humane society. And again I agree with you that she's trying to make her dog into a stronger dog for fighting or something like that and in my opinion people that want dogs purposely to be mean and nasty shouldn't be allowed to have them


I agree the breed is irrelevant. BUT, a pit or pit mix is the only breed I have ever heard or seen do this. I mean have you ever heard of a ShihTzu training with weights?


I'm training my Shih Tzu to be Shaolin warriors . They look funny with their heads shaved bald though . ; )))

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The next dog to be shot in the making....


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Hmmm , Maybe she wants to build it's muscles for dog fighting ?


Was Donna Hanson walking this dog?

Just Sayin IMHO

Why did she need to build up the dogs neck muscles? There is intent there that needs to be followed up on...