Sandusky Police
Monday, March 4, 2013 - 6:46pm
500 block Lockwood Ave., loose black Labrador; officers read dog tags and took it home, warned owner about letting her dog loose.



(Owners of stereotypically aggressive dog breeds such as Germen shepherds and Rottweilers are more likely to be hostile and aggressive themselves compared with owners of typically laid-back pooches such as Labrador retrievers, according to a new study.)


I agree...I have a Rottweiler and a pit mix. I AM Agressive and HOSTILE. I have dogs to protect myself, my home and my family. I am also very passionate in PROTECTING my dogs. My dogs are part of the family and I will defend them until the day they die. I will also then look and adopt another Rottweiler! They are a great dog and very passionate themselves at protecting and defending their family. I have also seen that people who do not get enough sex can tend to be rather HOSTILE. Most of these "studies" are a crock and waste of time. Stop trying to stereotype everyone. I like to wear black eyeshadow what does that say? Is there a study for that? Maybe you could do a study and find out!


The tags had nothing to do with whether or not the dog needed to be shot. This dog apparently let officers get close enough to READ those tags and to deliver the dog back where it belonged, which is a good thing. But had that tagged dog behaved too aggressively, do you really think the police would have just wandered around saying, "Nice doggy, good doggy!" I tend to doubt it...

Hoss McGee

My studies on black eyeshadow on a lady is hot!

The Hamburglar

My mom wore black eyeshadow. That's what she told the church ladies anyways. My dad said it was from not being a good listener.

Just Sayin IMHO

I don't know that it's a matter of LETTING a dog run loose so much as it's a matter of a dog who GOT loose...