Sandusky Police
Tuesday, February 26, 2013 - 7:49am
7:49 a.m. — 200 block Reese St., grandson refused to go to school, said he didn’t have any jeans; police told him to put on some pants or face charges. He put on pants and they took him to school.



What is wrong with this area. More and more you see calls in the blotter where someone wants the police to act as the parent.

Just Sayin IMHO

Well, if the parent tries to act like the parent, they are the ones getting arrested....


You Gotta Be Frippin' Spitting Me...


its because you cant tell them to go pick out a switch anymore........


Love your answer! I picked many of them. I also tried many a time to pick one that wasn't suitable for the occasion. Of course, I got sent back out to pick another one.


The Bible says that disobedient children must be stoned to death at the city walls. (Deuteronomy 21: 18-21)
If we can deny gays the right to marry based on what the Bible says, surely we are doing God's work if we put this child to death. Right?

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Police taxi .


I find it particularly sad that our great police force is use so frequently for trivial matters. They could be our protecting our streets but instead they are telling snotty kids to put their pants on and go to school.


Great example of the utter nonsense police officers deal with on a daily basis.

Those who are quick to bash law enforcement usually have a tough time abiding by the law.

Mama of 4

If this kid went to Sandusky City schools why did it matter of he had jeans? If he is on his way to school he should he in the school uniform of navy blue pants or khakis.